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Consolidation and Configuration

Our solution ensures every device is ready and on site no matter the pace or schedule.

Consolidation and Configuration

Our solution ensures every device is ready and on site no matter the pace or schedule.

Our consolidation and configuration
services provide you:

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You will know the status of your assets at all times – including serial numbers as required – so you can order, manage, and plan projects efficiently with the right equipment at the right time.

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Our large facilities scale to meet the most aggressive rollout schedules. We have three warehouse locations in North America with over 45,000 square feet. We process over one-million assets annually.

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Cost Savings

We do as much as we can before shipping to the site, so we can lower the time required for install; delivering lower costs to you.

When you have equipment deployment projects to execute, our consolidation and configuration services can streamline the equipment process to ensure it is done right and on time. Our scalable facility and processes allow us to process over a million assets every year. We can configure any type of IT equipment from switches, routers, access points, cameras, POS terminals, tablets, and other mobile devices to full site configurations. Our scalable facility allows us to accommodate all varieties of burn in cycles from one-day to one-month, to ensure your build is bulletproof before it arrives to your site.

  • We meet with you to document exact processes to thoroughly configure every function required of each piece of equipment. We monitor and maintain this documentation as your process, hardware, and image changes.
  • We test equipment using a specific and proven process for quality control.
  • We develop customized kitting plans to pick, pack, and ship items that install together to maximize efficiency for our technicians on site.
  • Our warehousing process incorporates detailed and site unique label and ship processes for your equipment, which leads to delivering to the site safely and on time, all while updating you along the way. We label every box to ease finding boxes at your sites as well as to know what is in every box shipped. We know problems happen, and sometimes boxes are lost. Our box labeling system allows us to quickly identify and redeploy the exact assets required if a problem arises with a specific box in your shipment.

Case Studies

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POS refresh for thousands of stores
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Fast Fix for Fast Food

Technology upgrade for over 1,400 locations
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Guarding The Goods

Securing a warehouse with wireless technology
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Point-of-Sale Refresh

A retailer can only achieve its maximum potential when its IT infrastructure runs as efficiently as possible.

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