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Give us a challenge.
We love it.

Give us a challenge.
We love it.

By definition, Bailiwick (bai-li-wick) refers to an area of expertise or knowledge. Custom IT solutions in complex environments is our bailiwick.

Since 1995, our growing team of professionals have applied their considerable experience to delivering IT deployment solutions tailor-fit for each of our customers, their unique requirements, and their expectations for success.

Give us a challenge. We love it.

When choosing an IT partner, considering why the company exists is probably the most important question you should ask. Our why is pretty simple: We exist to serve you.

We are curious problem solvers, fascinated with your business and how technology can accelerate you to greater success. We are constantly trying to better understand you and your business.
We help you. That is our mission.

We start with you. That is the most important part of our approach, our mindset, and our values. Our customers say that this partnership approach sets us apart. With our experienced professionals and tested methodology, Bailiwick delivers service above and beyond industry standards. We excel at developing a solid understanding of your business—in aligning present and future business needs and delivering solutions that provide the best, most reliable performance possible.

  • The right size - We're the right size to serve you. You always have access to the people who take care of your business. With Bailiwick, you get a nimble team that can help you succeed.
  • The right resource - We manage your resources inside Bailiwick and out, choosing technicians and recommending equipment that works best for you.
  • The right model - We devote the time, planning, and resources to create a model that's reliable and repeatable throughout your organization.
  • The right ideas - We continually build a team with keen industry insights, field-tested knowledge, and a thirst to maintain an edge in anticipating the future.
  • The right commitment – Ask our customers, they will tell you that we say what we are going to do, we do what we said we would, and we bill you what we agreed upon. Seems simple enough, but surprisingly this is one of our greatest differentiators.

When you succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple. We are happy to report some of our most recent successes – and we have to you thank.

  • We operate three facilities in Minnesota and Toronto, Canada.
  • We process over 1,000,000 assets in our configuration and consolidation center, annually.
  • Over 40,000 unique site touch events annually
  • Over 175,000 support calls in our 24/7/365 Event Management Center

We Love a Challenge!

Reach out to an expert at Bailiwick and let us know what challenges you face.

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