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QSR Technology: Moving from Shut-Down to Re-Start

What happens when the dinning rooms open?

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Pivoting from Shut-Down to Re-Start​

History and current thinking alike affirm the Food Service Industry will be a leader in this "Great Re-Start" of the economy post COVID-19. You have the right service model, great locations and enticing menus. And, you're delivering customer experiences like never before.

The reality is you have what consumers want. You're in the forefront of their minds and employees love working for you. But things are evolving. People are increasingly concerned about safety. This is creating a new demand for confidence and comfort.​

How do you create confidence and comfort for your employees and guests? And how could technology and site enhancements bridge this comfort and confidence gap with your customers?

Join our live event as we honestly discuss what QSR's are doing differently to:​

  • Protect their Employees​
  • Serve their Customers​
  • And how technology platforms and simple site enhancements are enabling both​

Panel Speakers

Michelle Wolter profile picture

Michelle Wolter

VP Sales and Marketing


Ray Buice

Program Manager, QSR Services


Tim Bennett

Director, QSR Services


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