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Serving Up IT Solutions

Serving Up IT Solutions

IT upgrade with no downtime

Customer Business Requirements

Our customer needed to upgrade and standardize the point-of-sale technology in all of its 360-plus restaurants in the U.S. Because down time was out of the question, our work had to be done with little or no disruption to the daily business of preparing and serving meals. What’s more, we operated on an accelerated timetable to coordinate the upgrade with the activation of a satellite system by a third party vendor.

The Bailiwick Difference

Unhappy with the performance of a previous IT deployment company, this customer wanted to establish a new IT partnership. Bailiwick got the call because we’re experienced in dealing with large scale projects,tight deadlines and multiple details that need tracking and coordinating. We field very experienced Project Managers and we can mobilize additional resources on short notice anywhere in the country.

Project Services Overview

Project Management

This project covered more than 360 restaurant sites in 48 states. Tight deadlines required our Project Managers to supervise and coordinate technicians and other field personnel as they installed and configured equipment at multiple sites across several time zones.

To simplify the process and make it as easy as possible for the client to follow our progress, Bailiwick’s Project Manager served as the sole contact for all client communications. At the same time,the PM managed the deployment from scheduling to installation to final client signoff.

Cabling and Server Installation Service

Bailiwick installed and tested four new CAT5 cables running from the registers to the back office area at each site. This portion of the project occurred during off hours to minimize disruption to the restaurant’s business. In addition to connecting existing registers to the new cable, our technicians also connected and installed new credit/gift card terminals,installed a new computer that also functioned as a server and reconfigured existing PTSN telephone lines.

Data Migration

Because each site had stored data that was specific to that restaurant,a seamless transfer of data from old to new equipment was essential. Our technician transferred the data to a new PC and ran an automated script to extract and convert the migrated data on the new machine. Finally, according to our protocol,he ran tests to confirm that the new system was fully operational.

Site Documentation

As is also our practice at the end of a project, we delivered a package to the client via SharePoint, our online collaboration tool. The package included detailed information about the technical assets of each location, digital photos and completed acceptance forms.


Our ability to react quickly to last-minute schedule changes and adjust to the needs of particular locations proved essential to successfully completing this project.

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