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Keeping an Eye on the Store

Keeping an Eye on the Store

Improve and standardize in-store anti-theft monitoring

Customer Business Requirements

The goal: standardize a loss prevention program by moving to a single, more supportable platform in all new stores while keeping the budget lean. Plus, enhance central command and control for remote viewing of security cameras and improve case management processing. From the outside, that seems ambitious since the customer opens an average of 400-plus stores a year in the U.S. and Canada. Bailiwick was only too happy to provide a solution that met budget requirements while going beyond what the customer expected. We work with other stakeholders on the new store program and are able to provide a highly competitive solution while using experienced, customer-trained experienced technicians.

The Bailiwick Difference

Our technical team studied the request carefully and recommended equipment and a price that met customer requirements. For this ongoing project, we dedicate a Project Management team to source equipment and oversee configuring, installation and validation of the equipment. Bailiwick field technicians install equipment and position and calibrate it to ensure optimal performance in each store.

Full Service Solution

Bailiwick sources and orders equipment and has it shipped to our central facility in Minnesota. For every installation, our configuration team preps the network video recorder, switch and cameras. (Site work averages eight IP cameras, one network video recorder, one POE switch and one analog encoder for a public view monitor.) We also coordinate logistics for equipment delivery and schedule technicians to install the equipment in conjunction with our other activities around new store openings. After the equipment is installed in each store, our technical support team, working around the clock as usual, validates camera positioning and store views for optimal security.

As a matter of routine, we continually evaluate and recommend new camera technology since the state-of-the art changes frequently.


These new video monitoring systems represent a significant upgrade, providing enhanced technology and improved monitoring capabilities to the customer's loss prevention team. The systems also make it easier and more efficient for them to maintain a high level of security from remote locations without adding staff as they manage the company's rapidly growing footprint.

This customer continues to work with Bailiwick because we recommend, source, configure and install equipment that meets their requirements and their budget. This project proves once again how keeping it simple enables us to consistently and reliably manage many moving parts across time and distance to deliver great results.

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