Protecting your employees, your customer, and your brand with temperature-scanning technology

Protecting your employees, your customer, and your brand with temperature-scanning technology

Who knew we would be taking temperatures as a precautionary measure for our employees and customers? Figuring out what technology to use to monitor and capture temperatures is not something you likely have been in the market for in the recent past. Good news is that Bailiwick has done the research for you and partnered with leading technology manufacturers to provide you with the ideal solution.

The big questions leaders are asking: are we planning COVID-19 solutions and processes as temporary or permanent? How can we converge several needs into one solution; can we repurpose the device when or if the process is no longer necessary? How can we implement fast to serve our internal teams and our customers during this great re-open?

Bailiwick can assess your needs, recommend the right solutions, provide asset distribution services, and scale up to install this type of equipment. We can do it fast - and fast counts, especially today.

How Thermal Cameras help prevent the spread of a virus

Red circle with white border Align the right technology with the right process to keep your facility and sites safe.

Red circle with white borderIdentify employees who have a high-temp prior to them entering the facility and engaging with other employees or customers.

Red circle with white borderHelp alert employees who may not know they have a high-temp so they can pursue further COVID-19 testing.

Red circle with white borderOffer a touch-free technology solution that keeps employees and customers safer.

Red circle with white borderProvide a more efficient process that reduces false positives.

Person being check for high temperature by camera



Bailiwick is your true end-to-end partner. We’ll have your back, from designing a great plan to maintaining a reliable solution.

Solution Design and Procurement

We get it. You are problem solving on multiple fronts. There are ways to converge several solutions into one technology. We can help!

Essential Supplier

Bailiwick has been recognized as an "essential supplier" as defined by the DHS. We can continue to serve no matter the circumstances.


Exceptional project management of deployment and installation. Bailiwick has a flexible, mobile labor force of nation-wide technicians.

Technology makes a difference!

Bailiwick learned first-hand about the challenges of hand-held scanners. While they are accurate, they can be inefficient and disruptive to our operation. That caused us to do more research and learn about the benefits of camera temperature scanning versus hand-held.

We are ready to help you design the ideal solution, procure equipment, and install temperature checking stations at both corporate and site locations.

We have solutions that converge multiple needs for technology. For example, camera solutions that measure body temperature and: facial recognition, mask detection and people counting.

Vector graphic of people getting their temperature checked by camera

Contact Tony Pascuzzi today to discuss a strategy for temperature scanning.

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