Rendering of a person at a checkout lane with sneeze guards insalled

Keep employees and customers protected with customized physical barriers

As an essential provider of services, Bailiwick is helping our clients protect their employees and customers by providing an extra barrier of protection. We can do it for you, too. We have partnered with manufacturers to design Sneeze Guards and other physical barriers that can be customized to your POS and other areas of your site.


Bailiwick is your true end-to-end partner. We'll have your back, from designing a great plan to maintaining a reliable solution.

Solution Design
and Fabrication

Design and manufacture mounting structures for a custom fit. Source Plexiglass custom cut/drill to fabrication partitions.


While most businesses are in a state of re-open, Bailiwick has been recognized as an essential supplier as defined by the DHS. We can continue to serve no matter the circumstances.


Bailiwick has a flexible and nimble labor force. We can mobilize 20,000 technicians at your call.

Rendering of two POS terminals and sneeze guards in front of them

Bailiwick's team knows your site and knows the unique needs of your set-up. We have partnered with CAP Fixtures and Nu-Way Industries to design and manufacture Sneeze Guards that can be customized for your POS and other areas of your site. Bailiwick can mobilize over 20,000 technicians for a fast install. From design to manufacture to installation, Bailiwick will be your true end-to-end partner.

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