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Total Site Care

A trusted partner to keep your sites up & running.

Total Site Care

A trusted partner to keep your sites up & running.

The intelligent answer to integrated maintenance
Today's IT systems are too complex, too inter-related and too vital to leave trouble-shooting and maintenance solutions to a disperse collection of vendors.

Total Site Care℠ is a customized suite of services from a single vendor with a unique ability to swiftly prioritize and resolve issues.

Streamline IT maintenance once and for all


  • Saves TIME
  • Saves MONEY
  • Keeps your sites operating

Red right arrow Total Services. Total Site. Total Care.

Full breadth of services you need

  • Get expert installation, repairs and maintenance event trouble-shooting
  • Resolve issues with all your equipment, cabling and technology systems from security and wireless networks to point-of-sale and kitchen displays

First-Fix Resolution™, every time

  • Count on consistent, knowledgeable support from a proven team with cross-system expertise
  • Benefit from our ongoing, intimate knowledge of your technology and sites

Full lifecycle care

  • Immediate access to the right device, configured with the right image, dispatched to the right site
  • Ensures proper care and monitoring for your equipment throughout its entire life
  • Inventory management with impressive accuracy

Optimize IT planning with Advanced Data Analysis

  • Total Site Care℠ reports provide a comprehensive picture of maintenance activity and needs across your entire business to help you track, plan and improve your system




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