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Site Survey

Timely, accurate site surveys for successful installations.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have, or don’t have, until you do a thorough inspection of the environment. That’s what site surveys are for—providing an exact validation of what you have, in this moment of time, for successful installations. Installations can be expensive and can take precious time away from your personnel. That is why first time success and one-touch visits to your locations is imperative. Based on the data requirements needed from a survey, our nationwide network of field technicians collects the equipment make, model and serial number data and inspects cable, plant and electrical infrastructure.

Our site surveys include:

  • Complete and accurate documentation of the IT environment from cabling to infrastructure
  • Optional data packages with digital photographs, floor plans, and hard and soft copies of asset data
  • Source information for your future IT or infrastructure needs

With our structurally-flexible and technically-sound approach to gathering information about your site, you can be sure your site survey is accurate, complete, and packed with details in a timely manner.

We collaborate in the field, analyzing every aspect of your site and delivering the best possible solutions.

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