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Equipment Installation

Consistent, efficient installation at every location.

Equipment Installation

Consistent, efficient installation at every location.

Our equipment installation and project management services provide professional implementations of LAN, WLAN, IPVS or CCTV camera systems, desktop, and mobile devices.

Project planning clipboard icon

Development of project planning

Site survey laptop icon

Evaluation of detailed drawings or detailed site survey results

Coordination desktop icon

Coordination of equipment logistics based on consolidation, configuration, and shipping

Technician badge icon

Coordination of field service structured cabling and or electrical technicians

Router equipment icon

On-site installation of equipment per location scope

Devices with check mark icon

Acceptance testing for each device with detailed test scripts and key stroke validations. Comprehensive deliverables documentation of procedures and processes

At every site location, you get efficient, consistent equipment installation. We ensure this with PMO and EMO end-to-end management of the installation process, a network of 20,000 technicians with a range of skills, technician readiness and comprehensive site surveys conducted by our engineering team and equipment installers.

Case Studies

Case study header image

Register Renewal

POS refresh for thousands of stores
Case study header image

Fast Track IT Updates

Speedy upgrade for an automotive service retailer
Case study header image

Keeping an Eye on the Store

Improve and standardize in-store anti-theft monitoring
Case study header image

Serving Up IT Solutions

IT upgrade with no downtime
Case study header image

Banking On Growth

Integrating newly acquired banks into its IT systems
Case study header image

Spreading the Word with Digital Video

Facilitate Digital Communication

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