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People having remote meeting via video conference

COVID-19: It's not temporary. It's not permanent. So, what is it? What measures do I need to take temporarily? What measures should be permanent? [Continue Reading]

Same Location. Brand New Vision.

Posted by: Tim Bennett on Jun 17 , 2020 10:00 AM

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Loyal customers have become accustomed to the use of remote-based, non-contact technology but the re-opening will present a new set of challenges as people begin to set foot inside any establishment again. [Continue Reading]

Re-open Without Re-grets

Posted by: Ray Buice on Jun 11 , 2020 2:00 PM

Women holding payment device close to customers smart watch

Now is the time to start shifting the focus to what the new reality will be as we slowly start re-establishing our normal activities in a different operating environment. It will require a careful balance to stage a reopening without any regret. [Continue Reading]

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