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RCDDs in the Engineering Corps Assure Customer Confidence

Posted by: Bobbie Cummins on Dec 8 , 2017 2:00 PM

Engineers who are raising the bar in the industry of information and technology should maintain certification as a Registered Communications Distributions Designer. Bailiwick customers feel confident when they hear we have five RCDDs on staff who all keep their certifications current.

Working at Bailiwick constantly provides the engineering corps opportunities to extend scope as an RCDD. The knowledge and expertise that comes with certification is sometimes necessary, and always appreciated, when working with our Project Management staff, engineering and most importantly our customers.

One of many benefits to maintaining RCDD certification is having the authority to stamp and sign prints.Bailiwick engineer wet-stamps plans Bailiwick Engineer, Dan Lehman says, “Some “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) require an RCDD verify that prints comply with standards and codes.” An AHJ is an organization or individual responsible for enforcing codes and standards. Called “wet stamping,” an RCDD evaluates and approves the print then applies a stamp. If the stamp is machine generated, the RCDD still must sign the print, but many AHJ still prefer an original stamp. “Either way, a wet-stamped print means the cabling system has been designed to hold up over time and save our customers money due to expensive changes. It’s one of the more valuable but less common functions I really enjoy as an RCDD,” says Dan.

Bailiwick is well-known in the industry for having sky-high service levels. With five RCDDs in our engineering corps, customers can be assured we are following best practices in the industry.

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