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Pathways of Communication with Your IT Integration Partner

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By Wade Kology

Jun 19 , 2017 7:00 AM

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Communication is the essential ingredient to any successful partnership. The one between you and your IT integration partner is no different. The faster you can get concise, helpful answers to any issues that arise, the better your business will run. During system-wide upgrades, the rapid exchange of information between IT integration partner and client is critical. Poor communication will cause delays and worse yet, could shut down the project.

Your IT integration partner should tailor its channels of communication to each individual client's needs. A variety of methods are available—email, live assistance via phone, and secure, online portal sites. These sites are particularly useful as customers can log in to check on progress reports, view images, and receive other status updates.

The IT integration partner's project management team should work closely with clients to make sure they have the information they require, delivered via their preferred platform. The protocols for communication are established at the start of every project, ensuring that the client has access to all the information they need at every step of the way.

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