Missy Carbonneau

VP of IT and Materials Management

Missy treats each day as an opportunity to take ideas and transform them into action. She believes that by bringing together process and technology enablers, she can drive a partnership between the Bailiwick team and our customers to achieve strategic goals.

Her passion for her work shows through her desire to be a life-long learner. Missy likens her drive to continue to hone and perfect her skills to famous cook, Julia Child. As Julia once said, "Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need to look at the recipe again and can take off on your own." This approach to her career has resulted in a deep understanding of processes and systems that she enjoys helping others to learn and understand. A true win for Missy is when she can partner with others and the result is them leaving with their own version of a recipe for success.

This mentality has led to her to be recognized as an innovator and early adopter of technology and she regularly participates in panels, conferences, and programs that help to train and develop others.

Outside of work, Missy enjoys spending time with her husband and her three sons. She also loves giving back to the community and has been actively involved in the Minnetonka school district and community in a variety of roles. Missy currently serves on the board of Sugarloaf, The North Shore Steward Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes the restoration and preservation of the entire North Shore. You might also regularly find her cooking, baking, or listening to a book on Audible, the perfect app that lets you "read" on the road.

Missy Carbonneau profile picture

Years with Bailiwick: 22


University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management,
B.S., Management of Information Systems, 1984

Curiosity and creative problem solving.

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