Professional Services

Custom IT solutions from experienced professionals.

At Bailiwick, our professional services teams are comprised of dedicated sales and solution architects, project managers, engineers and IT services specialists who provide the best IT solutions for your business. Before stepping foot on-site, we learn everything about your business to harmonize your needs with industry best practices.

Our close study of your business and its trends, coupled with our industry expertise and technical knowledge, allows us to empower and protect your brand, make efficiency recommendations, and propose effective solutions.

A three-part process ensures you get effective, quick results.

  • Discovery – We begin with pulling our specialized teams together to qualify specific questions to learn and understand your wants and needs.
  • Trends – We identify developments in your business, so we can make recommendations for a better process, reduced costs, or both.
  • Actionable Solutions – We provide solutions you can implement to make a real impact on your business and your bottom line.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified.

Our 45,000 total square feet of secure warehouse facilities enables us to store, stage, and ship over a million assets every year. Our warehouse management system allows for multiple ways to access your inventory based on each unique project. When you have old equipment replaced, we have a disposition services program to take care of it—whether it is redeployment, recycling or disposal.

Our Asset Inventory Management:

  • Uses advanced inventory methods and tracking to over 99.9% accuracy
  • Provides transparent inventory reports to show every transaction.
  • Produces time sensitive inventory reports to show every transaction.

Our Asset Disposition Services:

  • We will clean, kit, test and box your equipment for re-deployment to your locations.
    • We will remarket or dispose of your equipment when it has reached the end of its life cycle. Our disposal partners are certified to decommission hardware securely and responsibly to the highest standards in the industry, including NAID, R2 and DoD.
    • We will provide comprehensive asset disposal documentation to minimize risk and maximize security.

Engineering plays a significant role with the solutions team detailing and planning your IT solutions. We ask questions and gather the details regarding the most relevant aspects of your project. This ensures you get the best solution and value to keep your business running smoothly.

Once we have the right recipe for your IT initiative, our engineering team works shoulder to shoulder with our project teams to ensure consistent, replicated execution of the solution we designed with you.

In this execution phase, we create a tangible roadmap based on your LAN and WLAN infrastructure needs, using your site or facility design prints to accurately plan, design and complete the project. LAN and WLAN models provide a template for field technicians to execute the plan, as well as keep a record of the site construction for future projects.

Some of our engineering accreditations include:

  • BICSI Installer Certifications,
  • Cisco Certified Network Associates Certification,
  • CompTIA A+ Certification,
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification,
  • Systimax, Leviton, and Siemens Certifications.

* Bailiwick is a Corporate BICSI Member and has four RCDDs on staff.

Effective project management requires an in-depth understanding of your business. Our project team leaders are involved at inception to understand the solution we are deploying for you. During your rollout, our Project Management Office (PMO) and Events Management Office (EMO) are vital parts of the project solution. These teams work side-by-side to deliver on the project plan we create with you. We work together with your internal delivery teams to gain an understanding of your pain points and key milestones. We pair them with industry best practices; delivering a full-scale project management solution that takes you from project ideation through execution and completion.

We offer two-tiered project management services to guide you the whole way.

Project Management Office. Our experts use the latest project management strategies to guide and monitor your projects to make sure the test results for cable, power, and equipment are executed successfully and everything is reviewed for quality. Some of our specialties include:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Escalation planning
  • Change management process
  • Dynamic project status
  • Customized dashboards
  • Thorough project closeout procedures

Event Management Office. Our EMO runs 24/7/365, allowing us to manage thousands of field-based installations with real-time precision every year. We provide you:

  • Technician readiness
  • Installation confirmation and follow-up
  • Real-time updates on progress

Support Tool to Enhance Customer Service

Bailiwick can integrate with your software system or SharePoint to manage all project-related work in a single system and provide real-time data on:

  • Financial management
  • Field dispatch/scheduling
  • Field event task management
  • Issue management

We provide you consistently delivered results that will exceed your expectations.

When you have equipment deployment projects to execute, our consolidation and configuration services can streamline the equipment process to ensure it is done right and on time. Our scalable facility and processes allow us to process over a million assets every year. We can configure any type of IT equipment from switches, routers, access points, cameras, POS terminals, tablets, and other mobile devices to full site configurations. Our scalable facility allows us to accommodate all varieties of burn in cycles from one-day to one-month, to ensure your build is bulletproof before it arrives to your site.

Our consolidation and configuration services provide you:

  • Assurance: You will know the status of your assets at all times – including serial numbers as required – so you can order, manage, and plan projects efficiently with the right equipment at the right time.
  • Scalability: Our large facilities scale to meet the most aggressive rollout schedules. We have three warehouse locations in North America with over 45,000 square feet. We process over one-million assets annually.
  • Consistency: Our teams will provide you the most consistent and efficient equipment configuration because we stage it all from our central location where the team is fully dedicated to the process. We double check our work on every asset with detailed quality checklists. By having a dedicated team for the project we can drive a level of consistently to deliver greater than 99.95% equipment configuration accuracy.
  • Cost Savings - We do as much as we can before shipping to the site, so we can lower the time required for install; delivering lower costs to you.

How our configuration process works.

  • We meet with you to document exact processes to thoroughly configure every function required of each piece of equipment. We monitor and maintain this documentation as your process, hardware, and image changes.
  • We test equipment using a specific and proven process for quality control.
  • We develop customized kitting plans to pick, pack, and ship items that install together to maximize efficiency for our technicians on site.
  • Our warehousing process incorporates detailed and site unique label and ship processes for your equipment, which leads to delivering to the site safely and on time, all while updating you along the way. We label every box to ease finding boxes at your sites as well as to know what is in every box shipped. We know problems happen, and sometimes boxes are lost. Our box labeling system allows us to quickly identify and redeploy the exact assets required if a problem arises with a specific box in your shipment.

Fast Track IT Updates

Speedy upgrade for an automotive service retailer

Our project teams routinely demonstrate the ability to manage multiple tasks in the most efficient and effective manner during the life of a project — a key consideration in this client’s decision to use Bailiwick as their preferred IT partner.

Register Renewal

POS refresh for thousands of stores

Our solution included deploying multiple services and resources across a wide geography and according to a carefully determined schedule. Our customer’s support costs have decreased significantly thanks to the more stable POS platform and a standardized cable infrastructure.

IT Improvements

Home Improvement Pros Get IT Improvements

As our relationship with this retail customer has evolved over 10 years, we’ve become a virtual in-house IT department. This kind of flexible response is typical of our relationship with the customer.

Guarding The Goods

Securing a warehouse with wireless technology

This logistics customer valued our ability to manage large-scale, time-sensitive deployments inside and outside the U.S., as well as the seamless process we use to prepare, install and test equipment at each site.