Installation Services

When timing counts, you can count on us

We live in a wireless world, but we still need power and connectivity to wireless networks to make them work. Structured cabling and electrical power will always be the basis of IT functionality—without them, you are simply offline. Bailiwick provides seamless integration of physical layer cabling and electrical services during IT projects resulting in less disruption to your operational business activities.

With Bailiwick structured cabling and electrical services, you are covered across the US and Canada with exceptional quality, consistency, timely delivery, and nimble responses.

Beginning with an understanding of your needs, future growth plans and security compliance, Bailiwick structured cabling methods give you a comprehensive and coordinated result where everything works, and works together. New store openings, remodels, wireless design – your complex environment is our strength. Our engineering and PMO teams control the entire cabling process from engineering design and documentation to PMO’s management of the installation event.

The Design and Installation Process.

Our engineering staff, consisting of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) and CAD engineers, are well-versed in state-of-the-art structured cabling infrastructure design and standards. You can rest assured knowing we take into account operational functionality while meeting current BiCSI standards. This ensures your sites are up and running, your costs are fair, and your business is secure.

Our engineering team invests time to understand your standards, nomenclature, requirements, and location environment. Combining your specifications with our industry experience yields the best possible solutions for your IT needs.

After accounting for your needs, standards compliance, and future growth plans, our engineering team will create your detailed installation manual, process and acceptance documentation for a consistent installation at every site.

The technicians implementing the final approved design are trained in advance by our engineering and Project Management Office, ensuring they understand the scope and depth of the project before their arrival. We design a unique technician deployment approach based on your project, timelines, complexity of scope, and other trade group dependencies. Depending on your project characteristics, we use either locally based technicians or traveling teams, and conduct knowledge-sharing training with them. We right source our technicians through our network of more than 20,000 installers who are there to make your project run as planned.

Electrical services can complement all of our cabling and equipment installations, and our customers find the best value and cost when it does. We provide design validation from your electrical engineering firm, install, test, and document your electrical infrastructure.

Our on-staff master technician will validate your electrical requirements and ensure they are in line with local and national codes. Based on your approved project design, we will generate estimates and execute an installation plan. We employ our extensive national network of locally licensed installation technicians to provide an installation service scope to best fit the project and in keeping with local code requirements. In the end, whether this scope is in addition to your structured cabling or equipment installation IT needs, or the electrical project is on its own, our electrical services are top-of-the-line within every step of the project process.

Our equipment installation and project management services provide professional implementations of LAN, WLAN, IPVS or CCTV camera systems, desktop, and mobile devices.

At every site location, you get efficient, consistent equipment installation. We ensure this with PMO and EMO end-to-end management of the installation process, a network of 20,000 technicians with a range of skills, technician readiness and comprehensive site surveys conducted by our engineering team and equipment installers.

The Installation process includes:

  • Development of project planning
  • Evaluation of detailed drawings or detailed site survey results
  • Coordination of equipment logistics based on consolidation, configuration and shipping
  • Coordination of field service structured cabling and or electrical technicians
  • On-site installation of equipment per location scope
  • Acceptance testing for each device with detailed test scripts and key stroke validations Comprehensive deliverables documentation of procedures and processes

Sometimes you don’t know what you have, or don’t have, until you do a thorough inspection of the environment. That’s what site surveys are for—providing an exact validation of what you have, in this moment of time, for successful installations. Installations can be expensive and can take precious time away from your personnel. That is why first time success and one-touch visits to your locations is imperative. Based on the data requirements needed from a survey, our nationwide network of field technicians collects the equipment make, model and serial number data and inspects cable, plant and electrical infrastructure.

Our site surveys include:

  • Complete and accurate documentation of the IT environment from cabling to infrastructure
  • Optional data packages with digital photographs, floor plans, and hard and soft copies of asset data
  • Source information for your future IT or infrastructure needs

With our structurally-flexible and technically-sound approach to gathering information about your site, you can be sure your site survey is accurate, complete, and packed with details in a timely manner.

We collaborate in the field, analyzing every aspect of your site and delivering the best possible solutions.

Any WLAN installation starts with meticulous planning proceeds to a customized installation, and concludes with onsite testing and verification. Therefore, your wireless network performs at the optimum standards you require. We work with leading industry manufacturers gathering the latest in technology standards and practices to fit your wireless needs. Our WLAN solutions are fully supportable, scalable, and easy to maintain. Our designs are based on years of field experience in real site environments plus modeling software based on real use scenarios. This combination ensures the performance you need now with the capacity for future use of your WLAN.

Our five-pronged WLAN strategy optimizes your network and minimizes costs.

  • Assessment – We conduct a detailed analysis of your site to see your exact needs. You can view surveys in real time while the technician is still onsite. This allows you to push modifications and save time.
  • Design – Our designs are based on years of field experience with real site environments plus modeling software and information you provide to us about use, performance and future service the WLAN will provide.
  • Install – The initial work we do in survey and design drives the installation process
  • Verify – We check with you to make sure the system performs to your standards.
  • Analysis – We provide you with a detailed analysis of the project and recommendations for continued success.

Fast Track IT Updates

Speedy upgrade for an automotive service retailer

Our project teams routinely demonstrate the ability to manage multiple tasks in the most efficient and effective manner during the life of a project — a key consideration in this client’s decision to use Bailiwick as their preferred IT partner.

Banking On Growth

Integrating newly acquired banks into its IT systems

This banking customer valued our ability to manage large-scale, time-sensitive deployments inside and outside the U.S., as well as the seamless process we use to prepare, install and test equipment for each site.

Serving Up IT Solutions

IT upgrade with no downtime

Our ability to react quickly to last-minute schedule changes and adjust to the needs of particular locations proved essential to successfully completing this project.

Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word with Digital Video

Bailiwick executed this large-scale project with the usual meticulous planning, precision and exceptional outcomes that this and other customers have come to expect from us.